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Google Research rebranded as Google AI

Google AI Program formerly Google Research   Google AI Program formerly Google Research

May 8, 2018        No Comments   Google previously had a collection of research products called Google Research but have now rebranded as Google AI.

They have been committed to becoming an “AI first” company and this solidify’s it

We can bet this is not all we will here about the Google AI Program during  Google I/O  over the next few days.
Google Research rebranded  as Google  AI.
You will now notice that  everything  you used previously that showed Google Research now has changed overnight to Google AI.
For example https://re search .google.com is now https://ai.google.
Even their Google Plus and Twitter accounts are now no longer  associate d with Research bu AI.
That said all old url’s that you have linked or used in the past still exist and will redirect to the  new version .
What is Google AI?.
Google AI is a collection of  machine learning  tools and resources freely given to anyone interested in using them.
The idea is to collectively from novice to experts using AI to solve problems and reach  new heights  together.

Google promises to advance the state of the art field of AI

They claim to be working on applying AI to new systems and domains so that everyone can access AI.
They also mention that it will be useful for beginners and advanced users alike.“At Google AI, we’re conducting research that advances the state-of-the-art in the field.

Applying AI to products and to new domains

and developing tools to ensure that everyone can access AI.”Google first mentioned the conversion in branding last year after the release of Google Home and its Assistant.

Within the year after Google has managed to completely rebrand as it said it would

If your interested in checking out the Google AI Program you can learn more at their  education  portal.
The portal at https://ai.google/education/ will allow you to answer a few questions to understand your current skill level and give you the resources you need to get started.
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