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APX-113 Combined Interrogator/Transponder

APX-113 Combined Interrogator/ Transponder .
What Is The APX-113.
The APX-113 Combined Interrogator/Transponder is one of the most popular Combined Interrogator Transponder (CIT) systems installed on F-16  Fighting  Falcons.

The APX-113 can also be found on Japan’s F-2 fighter

ASW/Surveillance helicopters, MiG-29 Fulcrum, and other international platforms.
Duotech can extend the life of your AN/APX-113 CIT  as well as the other LRUs comprised in the system package, as we have test and repair  capabilities  for the entire system.
Part Numbers  Supported    Repairing the APX-113 instead of replacing or upgrading the system.

Have questions or need a quote for the APX-113 services?

Complete the form below and someone from our company will be in  contact  with you soon.
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The interrogator allows the F-16 pilot to identify other aircraft

vehicles and ground forces as friendly and can also determine target vector and range.
When swept by an interrogation beam, the transponder responds, .

Providing more clarity as to the identity and intentions of the F-16
The AN/APX-113 CIT is a solid state system comprised of an interrogator

transponder, and two cryptographic computers package in a single low-volume, lightweight housing.

The APX of AN/APX-113 stands for A=Manned Aircraft

P=Radar, and X=Identification or Recognition.


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