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On Monday April 7 at 6pm PDT I’ll be giving a Virtual Worlds Lecture in Second Life

My presentation is part of an ongoing series of talks hosted by the School of Library and Information Science at San Jose State  University .
, and  Part of what I’ll be doing in addition to showing slides and speaking will be a  live demo  of some of the content import/export tools in the.
You’ll get so see how you can easily backup content you’ve created in Second Life or Opensim to your hard drive and how to get that content into other 3D  platforms  like  and.
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Speaking at the Academic Librarians 2012 Conference – Syracuse University

June 12-13.
June 8, 2012                                I’ve been invited to attend and speak at the Academic Librarians 2012 Conference at Syracuse University from June 12-13.  This conference will be a great opportunity to connect with folks interested in building the future of immersive learning and  information  literacy.
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