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What is your Digital Potential?

What is your Digital  Potential ?.
Posted on 31st July 2020  by                 Let’s Take Stock of your Digital  Potential Too few SMEs exploit  the business  advantages offered by looking at their digital potential.
As digital applies to all sectors and all business, no SME can pretend digital does not matter to them;  businesses  can simply ill afford to discount the value of digital for their business.
Some of the  respected business and industry forums  highlight  several  important   issues.

The CBI reports that w hilst 45% of organisations have a longer term strategy

around 25% of small business have no idea about their digital plans at all.  The Department of  BIS reported that some 34% of SMEs had still no website.
MakeUK  stresses that  SMEs often do not have the spare capacity or the additional skills required to undertake digital  transformation  – even if they have identified this as a strategic necessity.
You may wonder how  to start addressing the current barriers in the business and plan your way forward so that your business can reap  the benefits  of digital ways of working.
The borwell  partner network  can help.

Your Digital Potential  As SME business leader

a  digital stock take will  give you a clear understanding about your organisation’s potential for embracing digital technologies.
It will identify the  organisation al  and cultural  barriers that need to be  removed.
Furthermore, it will  unearth   resistance   your staff may feel preventing them to embrace new ways of working.
Finally, it will clarify where your  technology  may leave your business vulnerable and stops you maximising your business’ potential.
By focusing on three important elements up front we can a ssist  you and  your staff  to realise a see change in the business.
We will ensure that within the business your customer comes first.
We will adopt a mentoring and coaching approach to ensure individuals and teams are in charge and ensure that changes are sustainable.
By instilling a culture of collaboration everyone within the business and outside parties working with the business will operate to a common purpose and help each other to be successful.   I n a pragmatic and affordable manner  we will help you to identify where you and the business are.  We can assess how best to match the technology to your organisation ’ s digital maturity and transformation readiness .   We make sure we help you to plan ahead without the introduction  of technology and  innovation being unattainable  and  cost prohibitive.  O ther  industry  advisers are  often  inward looking and concentrate  change efforts on  cost reductions and small performance gains.
Such initiatives may be initially appear to be attractive, we strongly believe they lack necessary ambition .  They  are simply insufficient to realise a step change in performance.   Instead ,  we guarantee you will achieve a return on the investment and realise the benefits you envisaged.
B y focusing on improving productivity, enhancing capability, growing revenue and increasing your market share we will enable you to bring about a transformative business  growth.
How w e can help.
May we entice you to invite us to your organisation to do a stock take of your current state of art.
In order of priority we can assess the vulnerability of your business to outside interference – malicious or otherwise.
We can investigate how well you are using data and information in the business to understand your performance and what room there may be for improving your insight.
We should not forget to explore how to support your team and help to instil a culture to ensure improvements will be sustainable and last.
The bpn  can assist you by tailoring the transformation to your business .  By  pragmatically exploit ing  digital capabilities  you will  make the most of the investments you have already made.  By adopting a simple step-wise approach you will be able to make some inroads into realising your digital potential.  Our stock take will give you clarity of your business digital state of art.
We  will  recommend  which  aspects requir e  your  immediate attention.
We can then come to an agreement which next steps to take as part of your digitisation programme.  We will develop  an action plan  together with you  for improvements  that are achievable in the short term.
All  as  part of  a n holistic  transformation road map, and a business case for change.
We will work with you to agree how best to  govern and  bring about this transformation in a feasible and desirable manner.
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