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2016 Rethinking Fun with Saints Row IV

Tag:  video game criticism.
As editor of the second edition of “Critical Discourse” for Critical Distance (please hold your applause to the end) on Danger featuring Gita Jackson, Aevee Bee and Nick Dinicola, I was a part of another exciting letter series.1 I’ve never had any direct  contact  with Dinicola even though he is a colleague of mine at PopMatters but his work …                      Sep 9, 2015Nov 21, 2016       Review: Dream.
[Originally posted on PopMatters] HyperSloth describes Dream as a “Walking Simulator,” a term not  universal ly appreciated among game critics,1 but still implies a certain kind of recognizable game.
A walking  simulator  is deliberately slow, and it refrains from typical “gamey” conventions like objectives and challenges.
A walking simulator is an introspective character study.

The minimalist art … Continue reading Review: Dream                      Aug 26

2015Oct 25, 2015       Review: Kyn.
[Originally posted on PopMatters] As useful as it is to not judge a book by its cover, some covers simply reveal  everything  there is to know.
Take a look at the cover of a Dungeons & Dragons manual and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what  to expect  out of its contents.

Looking at … Continue reading Review: Kyn                      Jul 23

2015Nov 21, 2016       Rethinking Fun with Saints Row IV.
[This piece was written as a part of Critical Distance‘s July 2015 Blogs of the Round Table feature] There’s a section in to the Saints Row IV where the player-character, the boss—in my case a pink-haired woman with a french accent, floral body tattoos and an outstanding fashion sense—rides a purple jet-bike through cyberspace, .

Shooting aliens … Continue reading Rethinking Fun with Saints Row IV

[This piece was written as a part of Critical Distance‘s June 2015 Blogs of the Round Table feature] One day, a hero  searching  the wilderness (for a meal in a drought.
for her missing sister?) stumbles upon a  mysterious  blue-haired boy.
This boy is  alien  in two ways: he is stark naked and he is completely human.

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RT @: Critical Compilation: Dishonored
RT @: Take time to listen to this short lecture by @

He does a s trong  job of contextualizing the current moment.
A primer on….
RT @: July in videogames vods: ugliness, play spaces, gatekeeping and religion.
Time to see a bad decision in action.
RT @: August 23rd - a new This Week in Videogame Blogging,Affect,Design,fighting games,Fun,Ghost of Tsushima,primers,relational….
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