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So far I’ve found…OpenTTD: Trans­port Tycoon Deluxe

0Classic games cloned as  open source .

Published 19th May 2020 by     filed under Misc Software

I’ve long been a big fan of  Trans­por t Tycoon and have been play­ing OpenTTD for many years.
I recently thought I’d look to see if any oth­er clas­sic  games  have been sim­il­arly cloned, and it turns out quite a few have.
So far I’ve found…OpenTTD:  Trans­por t Tycoon Deluxe.

OpenRCT2: Roller­coast­er Tycoon 1 and 2

Open­Fod­der: Can­non Fod­der.

OpenRA: The entire 2D Com­mand & Con­quer series includ­ing Red Alert and Dune II

Cor­sixTH:  Theme  Hos­pit­al.
Free­civ: Civil­isa­tion II.
Lin­CityNG: Sim­City 3000.
Wide­lands:  Set­tlers  II.

There are more lis­ted on Wiki­pe­dia   Found this useful

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