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St Peters Church, Boughton Mon chelsea .
Posted on April 17, 2013June 22, 2014  by                        St Peters Church is situated in a lovely location on the outskirts of Boughton Mon chelsea  on a hillside overlooking Boughton Park and its verdant fields redolent with wild deer.
[flexiblemap center=”51.220807,0.534779″ width=”100%” height=”220″ id=”map” showinfo=”false” scrollwheel=”true”]                 church rear and graves                             covered graves and light at end of the path                   fenced off grave                   front of st peters church boughton                   front side view                   glorious view at rear of the church                   grave landscape                   graves under old yew tree                   graves under yew tree                   path and side of church                   path to right of church                   raised graveyard                   rear of church                   st peters church from the bottom of the graveyard                   yew tree                Posted in Churches Tagged boughton monchelsea              River Medway Birds New Photo Galleries in April                      Leave a  Reply Cancel  reply.
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