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Custom Total Compensation Surveys

Custom Total  Compensation Survey s.
Custom  Total Compensation Surveys .
Explore below how we can create custom surveys to address  your needs .
Features   Custom  Development     We custom develop surveys to address organizational needs in compensation and benefits.
After researching industry trends and gaining a consensus on the desired  questions , we develop a web-based survey tool and send out invitations to all of your potential participants.

Confidentiality    Organization and employee identification is always confidential

Collected  information  is reported in averages and organizational information is not released to any other party.

All reported fields are shown in group summaries.  Individual responses are never exposed

Integrity    We administer surveys and report findings while meeting all legal anti-trust  requirements .
In compliance with Department of Justice Safe Harbor guidelines data are shown only for those  positions  and data statistics soliciting five or more responses.
All survey data collected will be a minimum of three months old to further ensure  compliance  with the Safe Harbor Guidelines.
Reporting    We provide detailed reports not only summarizing the survey findings, but also documenting the data submission process, legal  compliance , and guidance on how your organization should interpret and use the data.

Reports are available in PDF format

or uploaded to a secure password protected website for your purchasers.
Our Focus Is on YOU.
Want to learn more.
Phone:  Fax: 212.792.8256.


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