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using materials and resources approved by C++ Institute

C++ Institute — Program Your [email protected]

Study  Resources                            2018-02-07T14:55:41+00:00                     Prepare for an exam.
Learning is a process and  you should  do everything possible to make this process easy, uninterrupted and systematic.
When you prepare for a  certification  exam, you learn much better and more intensively than when you learn something purely for pleasure.
A certification exam has a vital positive influence on your  education al process.
To enhance your learning experience even more, we have created an e-learning platform and our own study materials that will equip you with the fundamental knowledge necessary to pass our certification exams and gain recognition for your programming  expertise .
Sound  interesting .
Review the individual exam objectives and start learning from our free of charge self-study  resources .

Review Exam Objectives          Self-study resources

We know well that doing an online course with no supervision requires a lot of self-discipline, consistency and  motivation .
But your goal is our goal.

We want to help you as much as we can to succeed in the exam at a Pearson VUE Test Center

We want to make sure that you are motivated enough and that your progress is being  recognized .
We want your learning to be as enjoyable and as rewarding as possible.
That’s why we have prepared online courses for you that have no fixed start dates and are free of charge – you can sign up and get free access to the C/C++  Education  Platform at any time, without paying a thing.
Having registered, you will be able to choose from among C and C++ courses offered at two levels of proficiency.
What’s more, after completing any of our courses, you will get a 50% discount voucher which you can use against your exam fee.
If all that sounds appealing to you, .

You’ll definitely want to sign up and join the community of C and C++ enthusiasts

Learn from our self-study resources, pass a certification exam and take your career to the next level.
You can also use all of the self-study resources prepared by our dedicated C/C++ community.
We are happy to make them available at no cost for all our students and all those interested in developing their C/C++ skills.
Take advantage of the C/C++ community-made study materials and prepare yourself for a C/C++ certification exam at a Pearson VUE Test Centre.
See how easy it is.
Learn more about self-enroll courses        Sign up for C/C++ courses now      Training partners.
If you prefer to train and study for your certification exam with professional instructors conducting the C/C++ training, using materials and resources approved by C++ Institute, you can choose from among our authorized academies and classroom-led courses.
Click the button below to locate a C++ Institute authorized training partner (C++ Institute Authorized Academy) and contact them for more information about the C/C++ courses they currently provide.
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