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NET Core API using Azure AD Auth and user access tokens

Using External Inputs in Azure Durable  functions .
July 6, 2020 ·     by   ·     in , , ASP.
NET Core, ,          · 2 Comments                                     This post  shows how to implement an Azure Durable function flow with an external HTTP API input.
The flow is started using a HTTP re quest , runs an activity, waits for the external input from a HTTP API which could be any Azure function input and then runs a second activity.
The  application  is implemented using […]                                           Using Azure CLI to create Azure App Registrations.
June 22, 2020 ·     by   ·     in , Deployment, devops         · 7 Comments                                    This blog shows how to setup Azure App  Registration s using Azure CLI and Powershell.
The scripts setup the configuration for the  applications  created in the previous posts in this serious.
The aim was to achieve the same as  configure d in the Azure Portal.
This is not possible with the current version of  Azure CLI .
A […]                                           Restricting access to an Azure AD  protected  API using Azure AD Groups.
June 13, 2020 ·     by   ·     in , ASP.
NET Core,          · Leave a comment                                     This post  shows how to restrict access to an ASP.

NET Core API to only allow users from a defined Azure AD group to use a protected API
The API uses an Azure App registration for authorization

The user signs in with an ASP.
NET Core Razor page application or an Angular App and can access the […]                                           Angular SPA with an ASP.
NET Core API using Azure AD Auth and user access tokens.
June 8, 2020 ·     by   ·     in , ASP.
NET Core,          · 2 Comments                                    This post shows how to authenticate an Angular SPA application using Azure AD and consume secure data from an ASP.

NET Core API which is protected by Azure AD

Azure AD App registrations are used to configure and setup the authentication and authorization.
The Angular application uses the OpenID Connect Code flow with PKCE and the […]                                           Login and use an ASP.

NET Core API with Azure AD Auth and user access tokens

May 29, 2020 ·     by   ·     in , , , , ,          · 7 Comments                                    In this blog post, .

Azure AD will be setup and used to authenticate and authorize an ASP
NET core Razor Page application which uses an API from a separate ASP

NET Core MVC project.
User access tokens are used to access to API, so that an email can be used in the API.
The API is not […]                                           Securing an Angular application using Azure B2C.
May 14, 2020 ·     by   ·     in , ,          · 1 Comment                                    This article shows how to secure an Angular application using Azure B2C with OpenID Connect Code Flow and PKCE.
The silent renew is supported using iframes.

Code: Angular Azure B2C Setting up Azure B2C In the Azure portal

create a new App registration in your B2C tenant.
Configure a mobile and desktop application and add […]                                           Getting started with Angular development 2020.
May 13, 2020 ·     by   ·     in , Uncategorized         · Leave a comment                                    This post shows how you could setup your development environment to create and manage Angular applications.
Of course many other tools and ways could be used to develop Angular applications, not just the ones used here, but this setup works great for me.
Install Node.js, npm or yarn, git Before you can install the Angular […]                                           Configure a domain for an Azure App Service using Cloudflare.
May 5, 2020 ·     by   ·     in , , Deployment, devops         · 6 Comments                                    This blog shows how to create an Azure App Service with a custom domain using Cloudflare to configure the domain name servers.
The post used the following blog from Matteo for the original setup: Serving your Azure App Service under your custom domain To create a custom domain for an Azure App Service, you require […]                                           Add git tags and versioning to mark Deployments in Azure DevOps Pipelines.
April 20, 2020 ·     by   ·     in          · 2 Comments                                    This post shows how to tag to a git repository after a successful deployment or release.
The tag is created using the version number of the build.
The version number can be changed or set using Nerdbank.
The DevOps extension TagBranch Git on Release by Michael Barry was used to implement the tagging.
This extension […]                                           Create, Build, .

Deploy and Configure an Azure App Service with Azure DevOps and Azure CLI

April 15, 2020 ·     by   ·     in ASP.
NET Core, , devops         · 1 Comment                                    This post shows how to create, build.

Deploy and configure an Azure App Service using Azure DevOps

Azure CLI and Powershell.

An Azure Service is created in Azure using Azure DevOps with Azure CLI and Powershell
The Azure App Service is created and built using ASP

NET Core and Visual Studio.
This solution is deployed to […]                                       ←  Older posts        Newer posts →                    Categories  Select Category.

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