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Agent Desktop, Analytics, Audio Messages & Branding, Blending Solutions, Call Analysis, Call Avoidance, Call Back, Call Deflection, Call Handling, Call Recording, Call Substitution, Change  Management , Cloud Solutions, Contact Centre Satisfaction, Contact Centre Technology, CTI, Customer Communications, Customer Experience, Customer Feedback, Customer ID & Verification, Customer Interaction, Customer Satisfaction, Data Unification, Diallers, e-Learning, Engagement, Fulfillment, Gamification, Helpdesks, Hosted Solutions, Integrated Contact Centre Systems, Interactive Voice Messaging, IVR, IVR Payments, Knowledge Management, Mobile Apps, Mobile Messaging, Mobile Solutions, Multi-Channel Solutions, Multi-Site Routing, Multimedia Playback, Multimedia Recording, Nearest Store/Office, Omni-Channel, Online Payments, Outbound Dialling, Payments Role based Capabilities, PBX/IP-PBX, PCI Compliance, PCI DSS, Proactive Customer Contact, Process Analysis, Process Automation, Quality Management, Quality Monitoring/Reporting, Real Time Recurring (Tokenisation), Role based Capabilities, SaaS, Self Service, Self Service Payments, Service Desk, SMS Messaging, Social Media, Software Solutions, Speech Automation, Support Desks, Surveys, Technology, Text Messaging, Unified Communications, Voice Messaging, Voice of the Customer, Voice Recording, Wallboards, Web Self Service, Workforce Management, Workforce Optimisation.
With nearly 20 years’ experience, Puzzel was one of the first to develop a cloud-based  contact  centre.
Highly flexible and scalable, Puzzel can be adapted to accommodate from one to several thousand concurrent agents using any device, in any location and integrates with multiple  applications  seamlessly.
Puzzel also encompasses leading mobile  messaging  and mobile payments to deliver a flexible and customisable customer interaction platform to meet the needs of today’s omni-channel and mobile environments.
Puzzel is one of the few contact centre  solutions  that is completely multi-channel.
Puzzel agents can respond to Phone, Email, Chat,  Social Media  and SMS enquiries all within the one application.
Puzzel is passionate about delivering customer interaction  solutions  for contact centres and mobile environments.
Six Trends That are Transforming the Contact Centre.
Posted on 25 August 2020     Mastering the Art of cost-saving in Customer Service.
Posted on 10 August 2020     5 reasons to implement integrated email ticketing in contact centres.
Posted on 4 August 2020     5 Steps to Success in Remote Onboarding in Contact Centres.
Posted on 21 July 2020     CCMA & Puzzel Partner To Study Evolution of the Contact Centre Industry.
Posted on 14 July 2020     How AI Can Deliver Improved CX in Your Contact Centre.
Posted on 7 July 2020     Speechmatics and Puzzel Partner to Transform Customer Experiences.
Posted on 2 July 2020     Contact Centre Scheduling: Time To Try Something New?.
Posted on 25 June 2020     3 Winning Strategies for Effective Employee Engagement.
Posted on 16 June 2020     Contact Centre Outsourcing – Time to take a closer look.
Posted on 4 June 2020     Capital City College Responds to COVID-19 with Help From Puzzel.

Posted on 28 May 2020     Capital City College Adopts Puzzel for Contact Centre

Posted on 19 May 2020     Remote Working – 5 Steps to success with integrated WFM.
Posted on 21 April 2020     Puzzel Acquires U-WFM Employee Engagement and Scheduling Suite.
Posted on 15 April 2020     Puzzel Named Finalist in the UK National Innovation Awards.
Posted on 5 March 2020     5 Benefits of Integrated Ticketing in Contact Centres.
Posted on 27 February 2020     Puzzel delivers chat bot solution to insurance company If.

Posted on 25 February 2020     Puzzel’s Top 3 Predictions for Contact Centres in 2020

Posted on 17 December 2019     Puzzel acquires Logicalware to enhance customer service portfolio.
Posted on 9 December 2019     Puzzel Challenger in Magic Quadrant for Contact Centre Service.
Posted on 28 October 2019     Puzzel taps into the power of AI to launch Agent Assist.
Posted on 17 October 2019     Puzzel Appoints Rob Wiles as Partner Channel Director.
Posted on 15 October 2019     Don’t Neglect the Humans in your Contact Centre!.
Posted on 7 October 2019     Puzzel Extend Collaboration with SAS to Deliver Contact Centre Solution.

Posted on 3 October 2019     Atea &  Puzzel Sign Agreement for Contact Centre Solutions
Posted on 19 September 2019     Puzzel Marketplace launches at Get Connected 2019

Posted on 16 September 2019     Get Connected – Welcome to the Hybrid Workforce.
Posted on 3 September 2019     3 Steps from WFM to WFO for Exceptional Customer Service.

Posted on 15 August 2019     CX Rockstar takes the stage at Puzzel Get Connected 2019

Posted on 7 August 2019     5 Point Plan for Super-Connected CX Experience.

Posted on 25 July 2019     Puzzel Contact Centre Conference: Get Connected 2019
Posted on 16 July 2019     Newstel Selects Puzzel for Global Contact Centre

Posted on 11 July 2019     ‘So Are Digital Channels Really Any Cheaper?’ asks Puzzel.
Posted on 27 June 2019     3 Ways to Create a Kinder Customer Experience.
Posted on 30 May 2019     Does On-Screen Clutter Hinder Good Customer Service?.
Posted on 15 May 2019     Puzzel Receives Investment from Marlin Equity.
Posted on 7 May 2019     Puzzel Ramps Up Social Media Capabilities.
Posted on 1 May 2019     Why Kaizen and Contact Centres are Perfect Partners.
Posted on 24 April 2019     Overcoming Barriers to Five-Star Customer Service.
Posted on 14 March 2019     Are you getting the most from Contact Centre Tech?.
Posted on 26 February 2019     What Role will Chatbots Play in Contact Centres in 2020?.
Posted on 19 February 2019     Digital Channels – Improving Social Customer Service.
Posted on 31 January 2019     Digital Channels – 7 Chat and Co-Browsing Tips.
Posted on 16 January 2019     Good Customer Service Starts & Ends with People.
Posted on 13 December 2018     What Contact Centre Agents Want What they Really Want.
Posted on 28 November 2018     Puzzel Improves position in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.
Posted on 6 November 2018     Puzzel Agent App for Omni-Channel Customer Service.
Posted on 1 November 2018     Make Homer Simpson your friend in the Cloud Contact Centre.
Posted on 10 October 2018     Up, Up and Away: Eight Become One in the Cloud!.
Posted on 18 September 2018     Keep Calm & De-Scope.
PCI DSS Compliance for Contact Centres.
Posted on 4 September 2018     Keep Calm & De-scope – PCI Compliance for Contact Centres.
Posted on 28 August 2018     Why have humans who sound like robots?.
Posted on 15 August 2018     What customers want (What they really really want….).
Posted on 6 August 2018     How to Integrate Chatbots into the Customer Journey.
Posted on 17 July 2018     Delivering Exceptional CX Through People, Process & Tech.
Posted on 7 June 2018     Exceptional Customer Experience, People, Process & Tech.

Posted on 6 June 2018     Puzzel announces speaker line-up for Get Connected 2018

Posted on 29 May 2018     Keep Calm, it’s only GDPR.
Questions to ask your Tech Provider.

Posted on 23 May 2018     Puzzel Contact Centre Conference: Get Connected 2018

Posted on 23 May 2018     8 Top Tips to Make Self-Service a Success.
Posted on 23 May 2018     Elevating The Role of Self Service in the Contact Centre.
Posted on 17 May 2018     Puzzel Launch Chat bot functionality and GDPR readiness.
Posted on 2 May 2018     The Art of Reducing Call Volumes in the Contact Centre.
Posted on 1 May 2018     Happy 1st Birthday Puzzel.
A time to Reflect.
Posted on 19 April 2018     Customer Interaction – 8 Ways to Re-Energise Customer Service.
Posted on 27 March 2018     10 Tips for Keeping Loyal Customers On Side.

Posted on 9 March 2018     Puzzel Showcase Cloud Contact Centre Solutions at Expo

Posted on 8 March 2018     Benefits of Systems Integration with Cloud Contact Centre.
Posted on 28 February 2018     Choosing the Right Robot for your Contact Centre.
Posted on 9 February 2018     Make homeworking a successful option for your contact centre.
Posted on 31 January 2018     Raising the status of outbound dialling in contact centres.
Posted on 23 January 2018     Free Download: 3 Critical Issues Facing Contact Centres Today.
Posted on 14 December 2017     How Artificial Intelligence Could Change Your Contact Centre.

Posted on 23 November 2017     Puzzel How to Reduce Costs in the Contact Centre

Posted on 7 November 2017     White Paper: Cloud-based Technology in Contact Centres.
Posted on 31 October 2017     Puzzel in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Centre as a Service.
Posted on 31 October 2017     The Scary Truth of Customer Security in the Contact Centre.
Posted on 26 October 2017     Puzzel Ramps Up Outbound Dialler Functionality.
Posted on 19 October 2017     What’s The future of Humans in contact centres?.
Posted on 3 October 2017     A Culture of Employee Engagement – Puzzel.
Posted on 26 September 2017     Customer Journey Mapping – What’s all the fuss about?.
Posted on 20 September 2017     Why Customers Buy What They Buy – Get Connected 2017.
Posted on 5 September 2017     Helping Contact Centres Become More Valued Assets.
Posted on 10 August 2017     5 Ways to Reduce Customer Effort In the Contact Centre.
Posted on 4 August 2017     If Establishes Completely Cloud-Based Contact Centre Using Puzzel.
Posted on 9 June 2017     Make Web Chat Work for your Contact Centre.
Posted on 11 May 2017     Puzzel Adds Functionality to Cloud Based Solution.
Posted on 4 May 2017     The Rise Of The Multi-Skilled Contact Centre Agent.

Posted on 19 April 2017     Intelecom Establishes a New Company – Puzzel

Posted on 4 April 2017     Six Practical Steps to Make Web Chat Work For You.
Posted on 21 March 2017     The Truth About Self Service, Bots & Intelligent Assistance.
Posted on 8 March 2017     Five Steps to Reinventing Quality Management in Contact Centres.
Posted on 21 February 2017     Contact Centre Agent Empowerment – Does It Really Matter?.
Posted on 16 February 2017     Why CRM Is Essential For Effective Contact Centre Engagement.
Posted on 8 February 2017     Do You Have A Mobile Customer Service Strategy?.
Posted on 19 January 2017     Is Your Digital Customer Service Just Skin Deep?.
Posted on 3 January 2017     The Customer Journey – Where’s it going?.
Posted on 5 December 2016     Intelecom Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Centre as a Service.
Posted on 3 November 2016     5 Myths about Gamification from Intelecom.
Posted on 26 October 2016     Intelecom Introduce Enhancements to Cloud-Based Solution.
Posted on 20 October 2016     Manage Average Handling Times in Contact Centres.
Posted on 29 September 2016     Intelecom UK Continue Year on Year Growth with New Customers.
Posted on 22 September 2016     Intelecom Contact Centre as a Service on G-Cloud.
Posted on 25 August 2016     We Are Officially A Nation of Complainers.
Posted on 28 July 2016     Affinity Water Enhances Contact Centre Solution.
Posted on 20 July 2016     Affinity Sutton selects Intelecom for new Web Chat service.
Posted on 27 June 2016     Intelecom Extends Web Chat Functionality in Cloud Solution.
Posted on 22 June 2016     Why Contact Centres are naturally suited to Bimodal IT.
Posted on 24 May 2016     A four step plan for contact centres to learn from the Military.
Posted on 14 April 2016     Webinar: 5 Contact Centre Best Practices You can implement today.
Posted on 12 April 2016     Sweden creates countrywide contact centre using cloud.
Posted on 11 April 2016     From Call Centre to Customer Experience Centre.
Posted on 22 March 2016     Intelecom Announce Speaker Line-Up at Contact Centre Event.
Posted on 22 March 2016     What contact centres can learn from the Army.
Posted on 3 March 2016     Get Connected 2016 – Intelecom Conference – 27th April 2016.
Posted on 1 March 2016     Virtual Agents – Friend or Foe.
asks Intelecom.
Posted on 11 February 2016     Generation Game and Overcoming Millennials Loyalty Challenge.
Posted on 3 February 2016     Intelecom Sponsors ContactBabel Research into Interaction Routing.
Posted on 6 January 2016     Intelecom Survey Reveals State of the Contact Centre.
Posted on 3 December 2015     DTMF and the Cloud in Contact Centres.
Posted on 13 November 2015     Cloud Based Contact Centre Infrastructure Market Report.
Posted on 9 November 2015     Intelecom Positioned in Magic Quadrant for Contact Centres.
Posted on 3 November 2015     Speech Analytics – 5 Steps to Success.
Posted on 7 October 2015     Future of Customer Service and Cloud-Based Contact Centres.
Posted on 16 September 2015     Intelecom Selected by fm24 for Facilities Management Help Desk.
Posted on 1 July 2015     Intelecom UK dials up rapid growth.
Posted on 24 June 2015     Intelecom introduces Web-Chat & Outbound Dialling to Cloud Solution.
Posted on 7 May 2015     Ombudsman Services extends cloud-based solution from Intelecom.
Posted on 28 March 2015     Capita deploys cloud technology from Intelecom.
Posted on 18 March 2015     Connect from Intelecom now fully integrated with Salesforce.
Posted on 10 December 2014     Six tips for putting excellence back into the customer experience.
Posted on 5 November 2014     Latest Version of Connect from Intelecom improves social media interactions.
Posted on 29 October 2014     Making agent skills a top priority reaps dividends when it comes to social service.
Posted on 23 September 2014     Intelecom UK Ltd achieved ISO27001 Standard.
Posted on 16 September 2014     Getting started with Social Customer Service.
Posted on 20 August 2014     Selling CCaaS to the CFO.
Posted on 15 July 2014     Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS).
Posted on 3 July 2014     Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) and Workforce Optimisation (WFO).
Posted on 10 June 2014     Lyse selects Connect multi-channel contact centre solution from Intelecom.
Posted on 9 May 2014     Web chat: Why it’s becoming the customer channel of choice.
Posted on 28 February 2014     7 myths about contact centres in the cloud.
Posted on 15 January 2014     How the cloud has come of age with social media.
Posted on 15 November 2013     Intelecom Announces Extension of its Contact Centre in the Cloud Solution.
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Contact Centre.
Contact Information.
Address 22 Tudor Street, Blackfriars, London EC4Y 0AY.
United Kingdom.
Phone 0333 300 0066.
Email  [email protected]
Website  https://www.puzzel.com/uk/.
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