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Meetup: Machine Learning at Google

Meetup:  Machine Learning  at Google.
November 24, 2016.

Machine Learning / Data Science / Meetups

Szilard Pafka.
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UPDATE: The meetup “sold out” in record time (35 minutes!) from  announcing  it on our mailing list.
There are  more than  250 people on the waiting list now.
Machine Learning at Google.
Come and hear about a range of the work that is being done in Google’s Los Angeles office in the area of machine learning: Scot Fang, .

Google Engineer Scot works on classification of mobile apps into taxonomies of categories

He will discuss aspects of his work related to machine learning, software  engineering , and product applications.
Payam Refael, Tech Lead, .

Google Payam works in the signals group at Google LA

The Signals Group builds systems that input text (web page, keyword, creative, query) and output signals for various  applications .
He will give an  overview  of these signals and their applications.
We will also host a brief  panel discussion  with Q&A to follow.
When: Thursday December 1st, 2016 Timeline: 6.30:  Doors open , pizza and drinks served.
7.30: Talks start.
8.30: Talks end.
Car parking  attendant s will be there until 9.00.
RSVP here on  Eventbrite .
Where: Google Venice, 340 Main Street, Venice 90291* Parking, food and drinks will be provided.
*Use the entrance at 275 Sunset Avenue.

Thanks Google’s Tech Outreach Committee for selecting the speakers and hosting

Szilard Pafka.
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