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Tech Trends Critical Conversations - Strategic IT

Tech Trends.

Tech Trends                                             Category: Tech Trends

18 Aug                         in Digital  Transformation , Strategy, Tech Trends Critical Conversations - Strategic IT.
There is little doubt that these are turbulent times.  As we change the rhythm and pace of play within the association workplace,  technology  has taken an increasingly important role.
What…             Read more                     01 Aug                         in Digital Transformation, News & Events, Strategy, Tech Operations, Tech Trends Too Big to Fail?.
This week we heard from the heads of the largest  technology  companies on the planet.
What does history teach us  about  systemic risk.
The financial crisis of 2007-2008 was a…             Read more                     07 Apr                         in Digital Transformation, Strategy, Tech Operations, Tech Trends What Can We Do Now.

Keeping Employees Engaged and Encouraged

April 7, 2020 “Un precedente d times!” The headlines grip us and trigger a myriad of fears.  Everyone is reaching for hope and stability.
The greatest thing an organization can do for…            Read more                    27 Jan                         in , News & Events, Strategy, Tech Operations, .

Tech Trends CIMATRI announces Info-Tech partnership

January 24, 2020 – Washington, .

DC CIMATRI is proud to announce our partnership with Info-Tech Research Group

Info-Tech Research Group is the world’s fastest growing and most innovative IT research…            Read more                    19 Mar                         in Tech Operations, .

Tech Trends Office 365 Features Every Association and Nonprofit Should be Using

Associations and nonprofits typically face unique challenges regarding  administration .
Among these are a limited budget for IT support, and staff who are spread across different locations and prefer using their…             Read more                     17 Jan                         in Tech Trends Talk to Me: How Voice Recognition and AI are changing the Game for Associations.
What does voice recognition  technology  mean for nonprofits and associations.
We’ve all heard it, right.

“Alexa…play this song,” or “Siri…purchase this item.” These days

it’s not unusual to hear other…            Read more                        Posts navigation.
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