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as … Continue reading Antifragility

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Older posts                   Gvahim Webinar: Managing Your Reputation

July 20, 2020                     I was recently invited by Gvahim to present a webinar to a group of Olim (new  immigrants ) in Israel.
In this talk I shared useful guidelines about how to manage and develop your personal  reputation .

I focused on providing practical … Continue reading

Israel, Social Networks                , Israel, Social             Leave a comment                           Managing your Reputation.
May 6, 2020                     This week I was invited to give talk to a  group  of Brazilian Olim (new immigrants) in Israel.
In this talk I shared useful  guidelines  about how to manage and develop your personal reputation.

I focused on providing practical advice … Continue reading

Social Networks                , Social             1 Comment                           Coronavirus, Black Swans and Worst-Case Scenarios.
April 12, 2020                     The concept of Black Swans was popularized by  the author  Nassim Taleb.
According to his definition: “What we call here a Black Swan (and capitalize it) is an event with the  following  three attributes.
First, it is an outlier, as …  Continue reading                      Antifragility,                 Antifragility,              Leave a comment                           Time immigrants: facing the unknown.
February 28, 2020                     An immigrant is a person that makes the decision to leave his native country and move to a foreign country.
The immigrant is conscious that he will face many  difficult ies and will have to adapt to a new reality.
He … Continue reading                     ,  Uncategorized                              Leave a comment                           On Brainstorms and Criticism.
January 31, 2020                     This is the definition of  Brainstorming  from the Wikipedia: “Brainstorming is a group creativity technique by which efforts are made to find a conclusion for a specific problem by gathering a list of ideas spontaneously contributed by its members.
In … Continue reading                                                  2 Comments                           Learning From Others’ Mistakes.
December 31, .

2019                     Today is the last day of the year 2019

At this very moment, most people are thinking about how they are going to change next year.
They are making plans for 2020.
But I’m making a retrospective: I’m thinking about … Continue reading                                                  Leave a comment                           On Rules and Probabilities.
November 28, .

2019                     Eventually we understand that there are no rules

There are only probabilities.
There is a probability to succeed and there is a probability to fail.
No one is able to predict anything.
At most one can estimate the chances of … Continue reading                                                  1 Comment                           On Keys, Potential and Goals.
October 30, 2019                     This is an uncut key.
That’s how it comes from the factory.
The uncut key has the potential to open any door.
But that is just a potential.
The locksmith cuts the key so that it can open a specific … Continue reading                                                  1 Comment                           Do we really need New Year’s Resolutions?.
September 24, .

2019                     We are approaching the Jewish New Year

In general, in our New Year’s Resolutions, we always think about what we need to change: for example, we may decide to take an interesting course or start a revolutionary diet.
However, this … Continue reading                     , Jewish Sources                , Jewish             Leave a comment                           Should we Learn from Success Stories?.
August 29, .

2019                     Most people are always looking for the “success formula”

They enjoy being inspired by huge success stories, and then try to emulate them.
However, in general these success stories are often non-reproducible.

They are the result of a combination of … Continue reading

Startups                , Startups             1 Comment                          Older posts.

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