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Ready to see how BlueFolder’s mobile features can help you?

Mobile  Field Service .
Mobile  Field Service  Software.

BlueFolder’s mobile field service software helps you easily manage and update Work Orders

attach photos, collect customer signatures, and more, all from your tablet or mobile device.

BlueFolder’s mobile field service management features give you the power of the web app

           Upload Job  Photos .
Recording the before and after state of a job can be important documentation for you and your  customers .
Our mobile web app enables easy uploading of photos directly from your job site.                                              N           Fast &  Efficient .
Designed specifically for  smartphone s and other small-screen devices, our mobile web app provides an intuitive, speed-optimized experience for mobile field service techs who need to quickly complete work in the field.                                              j.
Record acceptance of completed work by digitally capturing your customer’s  signature  directly into your work orders, and easily email documents with digital signatures directly to customers, all while in the field.                                                                                 Change Work Order Status.
Technicians can easily and quickly change the status of a work order while in the field, eliminating the need for back-and-forth phone calls and “status check”  communication s that increase room for error.
Attach Photos and  Video s.
Stop losing equipment  photos /videos in email threads and text messages, and attach files from your phone or tablet directly to a specific work order.
Digital Signature Capture.
When completing a work order in the field, it’s often beneficial to capture a signature from your customer that indicates their acceptance of the completed work.
BlueFolder offers a built-in signature capture feature that makes this process easy and efficient.
Once a signature is captured the signed work order is instantly saved as a work order attachment.
The signed work order can then be emailed to the customer and downloaded as a .pdf if needed.
Add Labor and Expenses.
The ability to add labor and expenses at the time work is performed rather than adding them later is a critical step towards accuracy and greater customer confidence and satisfaction.

The mobile version of BlueFolder allows technicians to record both while on site

Ready to see how BlueFolder’s mobile features can help you?.
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