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Rhassoul is very rich in minerals… Read More »

/Rhassoul Clay Rhassoul Clay.

0     Rhassoul Clay for Hair-Mask

Recipes, Benefits, Wash & Shampoo.

What are the unique Rhassoul Clay hair benefits and uses
How is Rhassoul clay hair mask prepared and applied

Can…      Read More  ».

0     Clay Shampoo-Rhassoul & Bentonite (Clay Hair Wash) + Recipes

Clay shampoo, mud or clay hair wash- what is  all about .

How can you you use either bentonite or rhassoul…     Read More »

3     Rhassoul Clay Benefits, Uses &  Side Effects  for Hair and Skin.

Rhassoul clay is a naturally occurring clay that has been in use for centuries

Rhassoul is very rich in minerals…      Read More  ».

0     Rhassoul Clay Mask  Benefits for Skin

Face & Recipe.

Rhassoul clay mask is one of the best natural treatment for oily

dry, dull or acne-prone skin.
When used as…      Read More  ».

0     Rhassoul Clay Soap Benefits and Recipes-How to Make

What is Rhassoul, Ghassoul or Red Morrocan Clay Soap and what are the Benefits and Uses of this cleansig product?…      Read More  ».


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