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Tekken 3 Game DetailsTekken 3 Players List

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Tekken 3 Game Download For PC & Mobile

By   -      0                  I love the Tekken 3 Game for the ultimate enjoyment and I think you are also  like this  game.
Tekken is the super game for the action and  adventure  lovers because this game gives you both things.
The game become popular when it’s come on the  video game  and playing by all over the world.
In 2012, It is the most playing game in  the world  because nobody peoples have their own mobile phone.
After year by year peoples not play this game on the Video game console because android or IOS device become famous and now this game popularity reduced but the owner of this game (BANDAI NAMCO  Entertainment  Inc.) launched the Apk version.
Now, Tekken 3 game also popular on  mobile devices  because you can play this game on the PC & Mobile.
If you are looking for the Tekken 3 game pc version or  Android version  so you came here in the right place.

Note: PUBG is one of the most popular game at this time in the world
Let’s start this article and read the full detail of this awesome Tekken 3 game

Tekken 3  Game Details Tekken 3 Players List.
Tekken 3 Game Cheats.
Takken 3 Game For PC.

Tekken 3 Game FeaturesDual Player Support

Different Players.
Different Modes Available.
Tekken 3 Game Details.
This game has been created by the (BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc) and it is the fighting game between two peoples.
You need to select any one player and your opponent too then the fight will be started If you kill your opponent 2 times so you will be selected as a winner.
If you can’t play with two players so you can also play lonely via Computer player and If you killed 10 players without loosing so you will go to the end of this game.
Let’s have a look at some players of this game.
Tekken 3 Players List.
Anna Williams.
Armor King.
Heihachi Mishima.
Gun Jack.
Paul (My Favourite Player).
Devil Jin.
Bryan Fury.
Nina Williams.
True Ogre.
Here is the some most favorite player list so you can pick any one of the players via above the list in your game and dominate your opponent.
I love Paul, Devil Jin, King, Lee & Ogre in Tekken 3 game.
Lot’s of the people’s also looking for the best tricks to play this awesome game and easily dominate your opponents.

Note: If you want to increase your skill so you need to play in the Practice Mode

It helps you to learn new moves.
Tekken 3 Game Cheats.
It is really difficult to tell you cheats because every player has different cheats so you can search on Google.

Paul Tekken 3 cheats so you can easily find the best cheat for your favorite player

I recommend you to play with Paul, Ogre, and Lee because these players have lots of great skills.
Now, .

I am provide you the Tekken 3 game for mobile so let’s have a look

You can download this game via the above download button and then play and enjoy.
Takken 3 Game For PC.
Lot’s of our users running PC so they will need the Pc version so If you also want the PC version so do not worry I’ll provide you.
You can download Tekken 3 Game For PC version via above download button then you can install in your PC or Laptop.
I hope you like both versions but we can’t provide you the IOS version because lot’s of the error we faced and all of the files does not work on IOS.
sorry for Apple users.
Guys hope you like this game and If you like this game so please share on the social media website and also don’t forget to subscribe our blog via email.
Now, we are checking this game features so you can easily check this game information.
Tekken 3 Game Features.
There are lots of the features available on this game so we only told you the some most popular features.
Dual Player Support.
This is the best feature of this game because you can easily play this game with your friend and also single.
Lot’s of the fighting game available but they can’t provide you the dual player function in the game.
Different Players.
In this game have more than 20 players so you can pick anyone and all of the players has different powers so you can pick anyone easily.
Some of the players have hot power, some have cold power, some have devil power e.t.c.
Different Modes Available.
In the beginning, everyone is a beginner so they need to learn the new moves and Tekken 3 game gives you the practice mode so you can easily learn the new moves and dominate your opponent.
You can also play survival mode you need to kill the enemies and win the game but it is really hard mode.
In level 1 you need to kill low strength enemies but after 3rd level, you need to kill hard strength enemies.

Most of the peoples can’t achieve 3rd level on the Survival mode

Here are the some best features of this game so I hope you like our post so do not forget to share our article on social media.

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