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Simple license based on the Unity Asset Store EULA

Amplifying your potential.
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Amplify Texture.
Public licensing  temporarily  suspended.

Virtually Unlimited Textures  <->  No video memory limits!

Zero Texture Loading Times No Video Memory Limitations Supported by  Total Control of Video Memory Allocation       Incremental  Virtualization  Up to 16384 x 16384 per-texture 32768 x 32768 per-texture w/Unity 2017 UV Tiles – MARI UDIM, Zbrush & Mudbox       Smaller Build Sizes High-Dynamic Range Textures Superior Texture Compression Massive Gigabyte & Terabyte Projects            Supported Platforms.
iOS and Console Support Coming    DESKTOPS  Windows    OSX    Linux       MOBILE  Android    iOS       CONSOLES   Xbox One     Playstation  4    Switch             Amplify Texture  brings texture virtualization to Unity, a revolutionary technology that allows you to bypass common texture size, quantity, and video memory limitations without compromising quality, performance or build size.
Not only can Unity Scenes now use several gigabytes of textures without running into any issues, individual texture size is no longer a factor.
Each texture can go up to 16384 x 16384 pixels using Unity 5 or even 32768 x 32768 pixels using Unity 2017.
You can even take it one step further and  take advantage  of Multi-Tile UV collections, using hundreds of textures is as simple as selecting the first texture in the collection and hitting Build.
The perfect fit for any type of project.
Whether you’re looking for efficient texture load optimization, high-end VR  applications , importing large-scale Satellite imagery, using giant procedural coverage terrain textures made with World Machine, high-resolution worlds and characters made with MARI, Zbrush, Mudbox, MODO or similar software, displaying your high-resolution 3D Scans or VFX-level Assets, even using Megascans at its highest resolution, Amplify Texture will integrate seamlessly into your pipeline and help bring your creations to life.
Virtual texturing  works by slicing all your textures into manageable tiles (or pages) and storing them in custom data files optimized for streaming; you can think of it as an extra step akin to lightmapping, without strict artistic  requirement s.
At runtime, the view from your camera is analyzed and visible tiles are requested and streamed from disk in  the background .
Because you only see a portion of the scene with full level-of-detail at any given time, the system is able to balance hardware resources very efficiently;  Video  Ram use of virtualized content is fixed, it will never go over the defined limit.
Amplify Texture always virtualizes your textures using the maximum resolution available.

Be it 8k or 16k textures (32k per-texture with Unity 2017)

the original size is never compromised.

Texture Capabilities    Non-destructive virtualization process
Virtual Textures are built incrementally

LDR and true  High Dynamic Range  texture (EXR/HDR) support.
Individual texture size is not a factor after virtualization.

Up to 32768 x 32768 pixels per-texture with Unity 2017

(16k w/Unity 5).
Automated support for common Multi-Tile UV Collections, UDIM, Zbrush, Mudbox or similar.
Workflow    Simple scene setup.

(1 Camera component and 1 AT2 Manager object)
Multiple Virtual Texture presets

(Standard/Legacy/Alloy/Lux/Skyshop) Fully compatible with the.

AT2 Standard Metallic/Specular and Legacy shaders included

Works with dynamic and static objects, including Skinned and Cloth meshes.
Automated Scene Conversion Tool, Standard to Virtual and vice-versa.
No significant workflow changes, .

Create and apply AT2 materials as with any other Unity material

Flexibility    Full Source Code.
NO Third-Party DRM.
Single package, all the features.
Fully customizable Stream & Cache values.
(CPU/GPU allocation).
Custom shaders and select 3rd-party support.
Simple license based on the Unity Asset Store EULA.
Deployment    Perfect for texture demanding VR and AR applications,.

Simple and automatic deployment using the standard Unity exporter

Smaller builds, proprietary compression system(lossy and lossless), up to 4x smaller builds.
For the full feature list visit the technical information page.
Goes great with Amplify Shader Editor.

Open node-based Unity shader editor

Amplify Products.
Learn More                                                                                     Sep 14, 2018                                                         May 18, 2018                                                         May 04, 2018                                                         Apr 10, 2018                           Get ready to play as a Junior God of Mount Olympus ????️   game made with  and….
Amazing Wall FX Pack  for  using    About ASE:.
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