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Our success stories

Our  success stories .
Cresco works with small to large  companies .
See what  our clients say : saving millions, increasing sales, and streamlining processes.
Fleet Pride.

Fleetpride & Cresco International transform supply chain management with IBM analytics

Read More                                                                                   GameS top.
Cresco partners with GameStop to create a culture of self-service business insight with IBM Cognos Analytics                                                                                Read More                                                                                   Dallas Area Rapid Transit.

Cresco partners with DART to extend its planning capabilities with new analytics tools

Read More                                                                                                            First Bank Texas.

Cresco partners with First Bank Texas to develop a more robust planning capability

Read More                                                                                  Basin Holdings.
Cresco partners with Basin Holdings to introduce a radical new approach to  group  accounting.
Download PDF                                                                                   Life Sciences  Industry (Orthofix).

Cresco partners with Life Sciences to boost inventory visibility

deliver products faster, and increase revenue.
Dowload PDF                                                                                                            Prayas Energy  Group .

Cresco partners with PEG to help transition to a modeling platform

Read More                                                                                  Tactical  Institute .
Cresco partners with Tactical  Institute  to build safer communities using social media analytics.
Read More.


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