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anatomical fixation and using K-wires or screws

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>   >  Patient-specific  surgical guides                         Patient-specific surgical guides.
Patient-specific surgical guides are 3D printed single-use patient-specific medical  devices  that help to prevent inaccuracies during surgery and to make pre-surgical plan a reality.
Patient-specific surgical guides help a surgeon to precisely carry out the following  operations :  osteotomy;.
tumor resection;.
orthognathic surgery;.
positioning of standard or patient-specific implant  components  – with respect to biomechanical axes;.
screw insertion of the standard or patient-specific implants –  according  to screwing axes and screw depth that were approved in the pre-surgical plan.
Patient-specific surgical guides are widely used in implantation surgeries either with patient-specific or with standard implants.
Mostly patient-specific surgical guides are used in  replacement  surgeries for knee, hip and other joints.
However, they can also assist a surgical treatment of a number of other clinical  conditions , e.
when a certain bone part resection is needed with a purpose other than the insertion of an implant.
Examples of such surgical treatment include bone deformity correction surgeries – osteotomies – during which patient-specific surgical guides enable the surgeon to perform a controlled and highly accurate  procedure .
Patient-specific surgical guides are designed individually for each patient according to the patient’s anatomical model created from computed tomography images, the patient’s pathology and the surgeon’s  requirement s for the design.
Consequently, patient-specific surgical guides offer a number of  advantage s compared to conventional surgery guiding methods.
Potential benefits of patient-specific surgical guides:.
Provide greater accuracy in implant component positioning or performing bone resection;.
Help precisely replicate pre-surgical plan;.
Decrease the number of conventional instruments used during surgery;.
Shorten the duration of surgery;.
Decrease the risk of surgical complications.
Fixation options of  patient-specific surgical guides.
Patient-specific surgical guides may be fixed to the patient’s anatomical structures using the following methods:  standard K-wires, or.
standard surgical screws, or.
only anatomical fixation, or.
multiple fixation, e.g., anatomical fixation and using K-wires or screws.
Manufacturing and materials of  patient-specific surgical guides.
single-use patient-specific surgical guides and patient-specific anatomical models used in presurgical planning as well as for planning and training purposes during surgeries are printed from biocompatible polymer (PA 2200, also known as Nylon-12), using additive manufacturing technology SLS (Selective Laser Sintering).
All the materials, software and hardware used to manufacture patient-specific and surgical guides are certified.
To order a patient-specific surgical guide or if you have any questions, please fill out the form below.
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