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Go no farther than NZ Electronics Repairs

i Phone Repair .
Auckland Top Quality, FAST 30 Min Repair, Starts From $39.
Why  Choose Us .
High-Quality iPhone Parts : We know you want quality parts for your phone for better  functionality .
At NZ  Electronics  Repair, we only trust and suggest the best suppliers in the industry.
This way, you can ensure the safety of the parts, you can also be sure of the warranty against defects, too.
Same Day Turn Around : We offer same day turn around for most of our repair services to  guarantee  you save valuable time.
Why you care.
when  NZ Electronics repair  is here.
providing the best screen repair service for all iPhone models including iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5c, 5S, 6, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, SE, X, XR, XS, XS Max just under 30 minutes with the use of all genuine parts at very  affordable  price along with 90 days of warranty on all repair.
MAIL-IN-REPAIR –  Nationwide  service :  Can’t Visit the store.
You can simply courier your device to our Store because we provide  Nationwide  Service via courier.
Any  quest ion.
just call us 0800585222.
Click Here To Get Prices Or Call 080058522                                  Our iPhone Repair Services Cover Everything.
iPhone Glass for broken iPhones.
iPhone LCD replacement.
iPhone Headphone jack replacement.
iPhone Battery replacement.
iPhone Water damage repair.

IPhone Home and power button repair
IPhone Wi-Fi problem grayed out

iPhone Home button repair.
iPhone Solutions for charging issues (including broken charging port repair).
iPhone speaker repair.
iPhone Mic repair.
iPhone Solutions for freezing problems.
iPhone Logic Board Repair.
iPhone Screen Repair.
iPhone screen lock removal,.
iPhone data recovery,.
iPhone Home button repair,.
iPhone Mic repair.
iPhone Speaker repair.
iPhone headphone jack repair.
iPhone power button repair.
iPhone touch screen/LCD replacement.
iPhone dock repair.
iPhone vibrator repair.
iPhone Camera repair.
iPhone overheating issue.
iPhone battery not charging.
iPhone Volume buttons not working.
iPhone not connecting to Wi-Fi.
iPhone not charging.
iPhone not turning on.
iPhone not working.

IPhone running slow  Devices Supported: Fast 30 minutes Repair

iPhone 11 Pro Max/ Pro/ 11- iPhone is an industry-standard in execution and speed.
It is a coincidence, it’s inclined to drops, liquid spills, and that’s just the beginning.
NZ electronics handles broke screens, contact screen issues, show issues and the sky is the limit from there, expertly.
If necessary, we’ll play out the iPhone 11 screen substitution before you.
Reasonable estimating, warranties, and 100% fulfillment.

IPhone XR-iPhone XR ensures superfast speeds

amazing cameras, and entrancing looks however not indestructibility.
iPhone XR drops can make genuine harm to the screen.
Why we tolerated a broke screen when you can have it fixed and replaced at NZ Electronics Repair.
By chance that your iPhone XR not charging, we can assist you with that as well.
Brisk lead times, veritable parts, and friendly costs are ensured because your fulfillment is our need Life goes into complete confusion when iPhone X screen breaks.
Luckily, .

NZ Electronics Repair is around to reestablish requests

We assess the harm and perform fixes and substitutions in like manner.
On the off chance that iPhone X not charging, or has execution and different issues, we can be of help.

IPhone XS Max/ XS/ X-Searching for the best help for your iPhone XS Max/Xs/x

Go no farther than NZ Electronics Repairs.

We are the main stop required for iPhone XS Max/Xs/X screen fix and substitution

We give first-class administration custom-made to your definite needs.
Besides, iPhone XS max back glass substitution is performed as are camera and battery fixes and replacement.
iPhone 8/8 plus Visit NZ Electronics store for master iPhone 8 screen fix and substitution.
Our specialists will focus on the issue and execute modified answers for each need.
They’ll take the necessary steps to reestablish your device’s capacities and execution, in time, without fail.
iPhone 7/ 7 Plus iPhone 7 holds its intrigue and relevance.
At NZ Electronics Repair, we convey the correct help to all iPhone 7 variations.
From the iPhone 7 screen fix and substitution to the camera, execution, and charging issues, each necessity is considered expertly.
iPhone 6/6s/6s Plus/6Plus We value your affection for the iPhone 6 series to fix arrangements with 100 percent fulfillment.
From broke screens to contact screen and show issues, we consider everything and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, directly in Infront of you.
iPhone 5s/5c/5e Excited about keeping your iPhone 5 series at its productive best.
Please come to our store where specialists handle iPhone 5 series substitution and fix the way they ought to be.
Serious valuing, warranties, and quick service.
iPhone 4/4s iPhone is your prized possession and we guarantee it performs well and keeps going long.
Regardless of whether its iPhone 4/4s screen substitution or fix or some other issue, we assist you with getting around them, rapidly, adequately, and moderately.
We ensure veritable new parts and warranty.

Get Your Apple iPhone’s Repaired Now  Mishaps are an unavoidable truth

Post-mishaps, your iPhone needs some expert consideration to recover structure and capacity.
Rely on NZ Electronics Repair for the most elevated level of help and openness for overall iPhone models.
We have increased current standards in iPhone X fix, bringing quality affirmation, speed, accommodation, and investment funds for pleased iPhone users, across the nation.
Consumers’satisfaction is key to us, as we were quick to tailor our administrations to your necessities, desires, and calendars.   Is iPhone not charging.
Are execution issues feeble it.
Notwithstanding the issue, we can get your device fully operational very quickly.
We provide services New Zealand-wide via organized and affirmed specialists always prepared to analyze issues, and execute fixes and substitutions, rapidly and effectively.
We utilize just certified new parts, back our work with 90 days warranties, and convey well-disposed assistance, should you need more motivation to confide in us.   We make iPhone fix reliable.
To fix your phone, visit our store where our specialists will address your inquiries and perform fixes on the spot.
With no pauses – the quickest service timing is ensured.
Anticipate low prices overall administrations, models, and extras(accessories ) since we are quick to assist you.
Get fixed Your Device at a very affordable price if you will visit NZ Electronics repair today.
call us on 0800585222.

IPhones Repair- At NZ Electronics Repair

We are a team of professionals who are experts in repairing Phones.
We do Repair under 30 minutes.

We do Repair all issues iPhone Cracked Screen Replacement

Faulty Battery Replacement, Speaker not working, Signal issues, Broken buttons, and Water Damage Repair.
Our iPhone Services are very affordable and done quickly.

NZ Electronics Repair has complete expertise for all the Phone Repair Services

All Services come with 3 months warranty.
We do all the repairs in ESD Safe environment and take every care whilst repairing your iPhone so rest assured you are in safe hands with NZ Electronics Repair.

NZ Electronics Repair is here to help you keep your iPhone running in tiptop shape

We are a renowned brand when it comes to repairing all the iPhone models you can think of.
From the original iPhone model to the latest generation iPhone XS Max, our team of highly skilled engineers has the expertise to fully refurbish any iPhone model.
What iPhone problems we repair & how long it takes?.
Many people are using the iPhone because of the exciting features it provides.
But it is quite natural that the machine will encounter some issues afterward.
The same is the situation with the iPhone too.
iPhone Problems which we fix are: Screen Is Cracked: The cracked phone can’t be used for a long time but the same day it will suddenly become unusable.
In that case, screen replacement needs to be done.
Usually, it takes only 20-30 minutes to replace the LCD Screen of any model of iPhone.
Front or Back Camera Not working issue: If any of the cameras are not working or Blurry of iPhone then it needs a new Camera that needs to be replaced.
Camera replacement takes only 20 minutes to replace it.
Back Camera lens replacement: If Back Camera lens is broken or scratched due to which camera might not be working properly then the device needs a new Back camera lens to be replaced and takes only 20 minutes to replace it.
Flash Not working: If Flash is Not working firstly we need to check the device with another camera if still flash doesn’t start working then we need to replace the complete power flex which will result in a flash to be working perfectly fine.
It takes only 30-40 minutes Power Button Not working issue: If the power button doesn’t work then the complete power flex needs to be replaced.
Power flex replacement takes 30-60 minutes varies from model to model.
Volume button not working: If the Volume button is not working then the device needs new Volume Flex to be replaced and takes about 30-60 minutes to replace it.
Battery Issue: If iPhone Battery is not holding charge or battery is draining very fast then the device needs new Battery to be replaced and the battery replacement takes only 20 minutes to replace it.
Earpiece or mike issue: If the mic has the issue and you can’t hear the voice properly from earpiece then it needs to be replaced and takes only 20 minutes only to replace it.
Home Button Not working issue: If the home button is not responding at all then it needs to be replaced which will take only 10-15 minutes only to replace it.
Phone Not Charging issue: Most of the time if the iPhone is not charging it needs a new charging port to be replaced.
Charging port replacement takes only 30 minutes to replace it.
iPhone not turning on:  If the iPhone is not turning on at all.
We need to run a complete diagnosis of the device.
In the process of diagnosis, we check the device with another Battery, LCD Screen, and Charging port to find out which of the part is faulty.
If the still device doesn’t turn or nothing comes on the screen then we need to connect the iPhone to iTunes to find out if it’s the software issue and then at the last, we might need to check the logic board.
iPhone headphone jack not working: In such a problem iPhone needs a new headphone jack to be replaced and which takes only 30 minutes to replace it.
Vibrator not working issue: In such a problem iPhone needs a new vibrator to be replaced and which takes only 15-20 minutes to replace it.
iPhone Over Heating issue: In Over Heating issues it could be the battery problem or motherboard issue in which a complete device needs to be diagnosed by replacing the battery and disconnecting every part of the iPhone which is connected to the main motherboard of iPhone.
Audio IC Issue: The audio IC  problem is with its audio function which is commonly seen in the model iPhone 7 and 7 Plus it is Also called loop disease,  it may be caused by the damage on an audio chip on the motherboard of the iPhone.
Some users have reported an entire loss of audio during phone calls or FaceTime calls.
In such a situation we need to replace or fix the audio ic chip o the motherboard.
Touch issue or Grey Bar lines on screen: This is the known issue in iPhone 6 Plus which is caused by an impact on Graphic chip on the main motherboard.
To fix this issue we need to replace the graphic chip on the main motherboard.
Speaker not working,.
iPhone Data Recovery.
Dented or Bent Chassis fix or replacement.
Back Glass Replacement.
Water Damage Fix,.
MotherBoard fix or replacement.
iPhone is slow,.
No service issue.
Wifi not working issue,.
Software problems.
In iPhone repair, most of the replacement part problems are fixed in 30-60 minutes time frame.


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