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Computer America® is the longest running

About Us.
About Us.
Carried live for an hour every weekday, Computer America® is the longest running, nationally syndicated radio talk show dedicated to computers and  technology , 27 years and going.
Hosted by Ben Crossman, the staff bring several decades of journalism  excellence  to the table.
Every weekday, the world tunes in to our show to listen to (and watch!) Ben and guests clarify even the most complex tech stories  of the day .
People have learned they can trust Computer America to cover the world of  personal computer s.

There’s up to the moment Technology News

live interviews with industry experts and company representatives, contests and more.
Computer America brings to its listeners new products and services that make life in front of the keyboard better, and we do it all with a sense of humor and a flair for  entertainment .

On behalf of CEO and Founder Craig Crossman

Host Ben Crossman, the entire staff, all of our sponsors, and everyone at our networks, Thank You for Listening.
The Computer America Show is heard around the world thanks to many  different  networks which carry our show.
Our newspaper column is also read around the world thanks to many  different  journals.
Our staff takes this  seriously  while still making it entertaining.
HERE you can find further links to our  Privacy Policy  and other brief statements about our company you might find interesting.
We made sure to keep it simple, since we don’t like reading ‘legalese’ either.


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