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3D sensors within the XF Camera System enable AFr mode

The XF Camera System is the ultimate creative companion for  professional  photographers looking to customize and streamline their workflow and deliver the best image quality.
With a modular design that allows for a high degree of customization, integration with supporting systems and alternative camera systems.

And a powerful connection with Capture One

every photographer can capture with their ideal workflow.
Focused on the future.

The XF Camera System and IQ digital backs are continuously updated

so that you change with technology, with the camera you already have.
The sensors in  Phase One ’s IQ range of digital backs are 2.5x larger than that of full frame DSLR cameras, and 1.5x larger than cropped sensor mirrorless medium format.
The use of a larger sensor means more light, and therefore more  information , is available when converting captured light into a digital file.
The availability of more data allows us to honor the quality of that data, and this translates to a more efficient use of  information  with less interpolation.  With full frame medium format sensors, the quality of your RAW image more closely reflects your creative vision straight out of the camera.
Modular and Open Platform.

The XF Camera System is modular

giving you the freedom to choose the high resolution lenses, viewfinder, and digital back combination that fits your shooting style best.
Your choice is backed by continuous feature  development , ensuring that your investment will continue to meet market demands well into the future.
Control  Customization .
For a completely customized workflow, assign actions to buttons and dials on the camera so that your most-used tools are right at your fingertips, and save your settings for a custom preset. You also have the option to save up to 3 custom presets, and can switch between them to suit specific capture requirements, .

Or load them into any XF Camera System effortlessly

Honeybee  Autofocus  (HAP).
The Honeybee Autofocus Platform (HAP) is  Phase One ’s fully in-house controlled autofocus system.

Like the rest of the XF Camera System

the HAP architecture allows for user-accessible updates, as well as hardware upgrades, that will expand and improve the autofocus system to meet market demands for years to come.
Intuitive Focus  Tools .
Autofocus and recompose (AFr).
3D sensors within the XF Camera System enable AFr mode, allowing you to focus on a subject and then recompose the frame while  retaining  the desired focus point.
Focus Trim Tool.
An effortless automation tool to trim your lenses.
The built-in analysis of the calibration conditions ensures everything is done with confidence and is provided with a customized focus calibration target.

Hyperfocal Point Calibration and Tool
Calibrate and save the hyperfocal point for each of your Phase One lenses

Use the hyperfocal point tool to quickly return the attached lens to its saved hyperfocal point.
Focus Control from Capture One.

Adjust focus directly in Capture One with real time results in LiveView

for a simple and streamlined tethered capture workflow.
Flash Management.
Profoto Remote Tool.
Full control of your Profoto Air flash system directly with your XF Camera System – control, fire and access up to 6 groups of Profoto lights.

Use the Profoto AirTTL flash metering to achieve consistent results

Flash Analysis.
Review flash sync timing with a simple visual representation directly after the capture.
Vibration Management.
Vibration delay uses the internal seismograph tool to wait until conditions are calm before starting the capture, while vibration analysis allows you to see the vibration experienced during the capture.
Automate Creative Tools.
Time Lapse.

The Time-Lapse tool helps automate the process of capturing a time-lapse

from calculation to capture, ensuring a smooth and optimized workflow.

The HDR tool captures the specified bracketed frames to improve the dynamic range

The individual captures are stored as a sequence for simple post-processing in Capture One.
Focus Stack Calculator.
Evaluating focusing distances, sensor resolution, and aperture, the Focus Stack Calculator automatically suggests the number of frames that should be captured, while the Focus Stack Tool automates the capture.
Exposure Calculator.
The Exposure Calculator tool allows you to extrapolate shutter speeds for long exposures from shorter, equivalent exposure values.
This is a useful aid for shortening test exposures, for example, when calculating exposure settings with long exposures at night or when using Neutral Density (ND) filters.
Analysis Tools.
The histogram displays the brightness data per channel and allows the user to determine a level at which highlights start to clip.
Exposure and Sensor Clipping Warning.
The Exposure Warning tool highlights areas of a captured image that are overexposed. The Clip warning adds a pink overlay based on the raw data, for the most accurate visualization of the level at which highlights will clip.
Focus Mask.

The Focus Mask highlights areas that are in sharp focus

The Alignment tool provides a quick and accurate visual aid when ensuring the camera is level in both horizontal and vertical planes, and is particularly useful when the camera is mounted on a tripod.
Effortless Focus Trimming.
An effortless automation tool to trim your lenses.
The built-in analysis of the calibration conditions ensures everything is done with confidence and is provided with a customized focus calibration target.
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