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Top Ten Reasons to Use the Act 48 Module of Comply

Act 48.
Track, manage, .

And report Act 48 continuing education hours directly to PERMS


           Act 48 Credit Keeper Module

For  School Districts , IUs, CTCs, Charter, and Cyber Schools.
A secure, web-based data- management  system that tracks, manages, and reports Act 48 continuing education credits/hours of certified educators and paraeducators in Pennsylvania.
The Act 48 Credit Keeper Module of Comply enables a school district and its employees to record and submit all continuing  education  hours to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Data is seamlessly transferred directly to the Pennsylvania Department of Education
}            Act 48 Hours Module

For  Universities  and Colleges.
A secure web-based data- management  system that is tailored to the unique needs of colleges, universities, and other providers of continuing education credits/hours.
This module allows professional educators to request the submission of Act 48 hours/credits to the PA Department of Education Records  Management  Site.

           Approved Providers Only

Created exclusively for Approved Providers in  Pennsylvan ia                                           R           Meets PDE Requirements.
Designed in collaboration with the PA Department of  Education  (PDE)                                           }           Instant Submission to PDE.
Instantly submit all of your credits/hours directly to the PDE PERMS site                                                                    Streamlined  Management .
Completely  eliminate  spreadsheets and time consuming data entry                                           h           Proof of Completion.
Automatically generates email confirmations to teachers when hours are submitted                                                      Online and Convenient.
Secure, 100% Web-based system connected directly to the PDE PERMS system                                                                                Act 48 Module Benefits               The Act 48 Module of Comply enables a school entity to record and submit all continuing education hours to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
In-service programs and workshops conducted by your school can be credited to each employee in minutes.
All information is entered and saved via a secure and confidential web site that is designed specifically for your school.

           Benefits to Personnel Departments
Act 48 Credit Keeper Module:   Eliminates all gaps in record keeping

Each school has an accurate count of every hour for every employee in their school.

Provides a seamless transfer of data directly to the Pennsylvania Department of Education

Allows personnel departments to maintain accurate records of each hour submitted to the PDE for each employee.
Was designed by Pennsylvania Personnel Directors to meet the specific needs of Pennsylvania schools.
Saves schools time and money.
Endless hours of data entry by personnel departments are now reduced to minutes.
Instant feedback – Professional development surveys can be completed by teachers after each in-service.
No more spreadsheets – hours are submitted directly from the website to PERMS.

           Benefits to Employees
Employees:  Act 48 hours are submitted to the PDE in a timely manner

Can track and manage their continuing education progress.
May view their current credits/hours at any time, including the number of hours that have been accumulated.

The additional hours needed to fulfill their Act 48 requirements

and their deadline for completing all 180 hours.
Top Ten Reasons to Use the Act 48 Module of Comply.
The module was designed by Pennsylvania School Administrators to meet the specific needs of Pennsylvania Schools.
Endless hours of data entry by personnel departments are now reduced to minutes!.
Personnel departments do not have to make spreadsheets or rosters for each in-service or course offering.
In-services are entered into the module in minutes!.
Personnel departments simply verify information with a click of a button!.
Accountability and verification levels remain high.
Hours are officially saved after the personnel department verifies the information.
Verification by the personnel department takes only minutes!.
Multiple reports may be generated for employees, administrators, PDE, auditing purposes, etc.
All information is saved and backed-up on a secure server.
The module saves schools time and money!.
                “EduLink software is first class from top to bottom.” Brad Simala, PrincipalElizabeth Forward School District                                           w                “Don’t change a thing.
I have no complaints.
I have always been pleased with the quality of customer service from EduLink.” Mike Mooney, PrincipalHampton Township School District                                                                                    Take the next step and.
Free Demo, Free Training, Free Support.
Schedule a Demo                                                                             Act 48 Module of Comply FAQ.

Is the Act 48 Module difficult to use?

Pointing and clicking the mouse are the most difficult tasks to perform.
We have designed the module so that NO SPECIAL COMPUTER SKILLS ARE NEEDED to use the service.
Is the module expensive?.
Pennsylvania school administrators created the Act 48 Module of Comply specifically to save schools time and money.
It is designed to offer the highest possible quality and accuracy with the lowest possible price.                 Will I have to make a spreadsheet or roster list of all my employees every time my school conducts an in-service program?.
Not at all.
With a few clicks of the mouse, a school indicates the employees that were in attendance and the data is seamlessly transferred to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.                  Is the module compatible with what is required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education?.
The module requires that employees enter the same information that is required by the state.
Is my school responsible for hosting the service on its server, maintaining and/or upgrading the service, or backing up the data?.
No, No, and No.
We host the service for you on our secure server, we maintain all responsibility for upkeep of the service and we back up the data entered on a regular and continuous basis to avoid any possibility of lost information.
If my school uses the Act 48 Module for a year and then decides that it wants to cancel or change, are we locked into any type of long-term agreement?.
Agreements to use the module are made on a yearly basis.
If, for any reason, your school does not wish to renew its agreement to use the service for the upcoming year, simply let us know.
Schools in Pennsylvania are faced with the task of recording, tracking, and managing continuing education hours for each employee.
“Beginning July 1, 2000, Act 48 of 1999 required persons holding Pennsylvania professional educator certification to complete continuing education requirements every five years in order to maintain their certificates as active.
All educators holding Pennsylvania public school certification including Instructional I and II, Educational Specialist I and II, Administrative, Supervisory, Letters of Eligibility and all vocational certificates.
Also included are non-certified teachers and administrators employed by charter schools.
Educators must maintain their certificates as active by earning six collegiate credits or six PDE-approved in-service credits or 180 continuing education hours or any combination of the above every five calendar years.
Each collegiate credit is equal to 30 continuing education hours.
All credits and hours must be related to an educator’s certificate type or area of assignment, unless enrolled in an administrative program or approved by the school board.” – PA Department of Education                                                                      Our Solutions.
Pennsylvania’s #1 Choice for Evaluation Management     Learn More                             Manage All PDE Compliance Items in One Place     Learn More                             Track, Manage, Submit Continuing Education Hours to PERMS     Learn More                             Facilitate All Paper-Based Forms and Requests Electronically     Learn More                                                                     Get the Act 48 Module of Comply for your District.
Administrators: Contact us for demo and pricing using the form below or call us at 724-553-9354, option 2.
Inquiry: Act 48 Module of Comply             Full Name                                     Email Address                                     School District/Organization                                     Message                   We are interested in learning more about the Act 48 Module of Comply for our district.
How did you hear about us.
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Act 48.


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